About Us

We publish practical performing editions of vocal music of the baroque period.

Now with over 152 titles in our catalogue, comprising some 440 works, to which we are adding constantly, we offer an interesting and balanced collection of pieces for all voices, with and without obbligato instruments.

Most titles are prepared from a single source, but some of our titles are critical editions. All our editions aim to be practical editions for use by performers. Each presents as much of the original as possible, consistent with being easy to read by today's performers. It is our policy to provide for each title all the material needed for a performance.

The following series of titles are published.

Series A: Cantatas, Arias, Motets

Each copy includes:

  • a score with a realised continuo for keyboard
  • one or more scores with unrealised continuo, and
  • a part for each obbligato and continuo instrument. 

Each title in Series A has a foreword giving the background to the music, the editorial process, and the full text with a literal translation where appropriate. The score with the realised continuo is provided for players who do not easily read from figured bass.

Series B: Larger Works - Odes, Masques, etc.

The music provided consists of

  • one or more scores with unrealised continuo
  • a part for each obbligato and continuo instrument
Series C: Vocal Concerti

These are works for concerted voices and continuo. Each title consists of a set of scores, one for each voice and one for the continuo. The original accompaniment is given; in some cases this is an unrealised basso continuo. Translations of the text are not given, but a note explains the editorial process in each case.

Series D: Arrangements and transcriptions

These pieces for voice and and instruments are arranged with a keyboard accompaniment as recital pieces. Each score carries indications of the original instrumentation, an introduction, and a translation of the text. The first titles in this series are available through a collaboration with Classical Vocal Reprints of USA